Wednesday, February 6, 2008

No pictures

It is beautiful here.  I mean absolutely gorgeous.  Snow highlighting the trees, bright sky, the biggest snowflakes that I've ever seen... And can I post a picture?  No,  the memory card is full, can't delete (daughter would kill me) and can't find the usb cable for the camera.  Damn!! 

Shoveled the driveway tonight so that I can run tomorrow morning.  I know, sad but true.  I just read something about junk miles and realized that all of January (excepting Saturday long runs) consisted of junk miles - no tempo runs, no speed work (God no!), no fartleks, no hills - nada - just junk to get the miles in.  It's been snowy, cold, icy, rainy - are these good reasons, or am I just making excuses?  I have vowed that February will be different...we'll see.


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Hey Jeanne! You won one of the chocolate race Cool Max running caps. We need your mailing address so if you could please send it to us at sinful [at] thechocolaterace [dot] com that would be great. And a white or pink cap?